Everyone enjoys getting out on the town for some live music and there is nothing like going back stage and down the hall for a pass to the inside information and interviews with the bands, singers and songwriters that you enjoy! Welcome to Hall Around Town Radio’s “Backstage Hall Pass” A showcase of music made in the region. Mixing independent music with personal interviews and behind the scenes info, Backstage Hall Pass is your front-row center seat for diverse music from the local scene and the areas most talented artists. Whether the style is rock, blues, folk, country or R&B, Backstage Hall Pass delivers you outstanding entertainment.

“Backstage Hall Pass” features “The Menu’s” a party tradition for 30 years!

Join your “Backstage Hall Pass” host Scott Hall from Hall Around Town Radio as he chats with Tim and Johnathan from the iconic Cincinnati based band “The Menus” prior to their spring show at JD Legends.  In an energetic back and forth with their fans, the Menus bring the flair, the tunes and the comedy, while the audience gives thanks with shattering cheers, arms in the air and swaying hips. The epic relationship between artist and audience member can be witnessed every time The Menus take the stage. As an added bonus the Menus will perform at JD Legends again on July 26th for “Thursday Night Live”…. Bring on the wild costumes and crazy antics…….the Menu’s always guarantee to please! Check out this backstage “behind the music” look into the bands history and insights….

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Backstage Hall Pass goes behind the music with the Kevin McCoy Band

Join your Backstage Hall Pass host Scott Hall as he takes you behind the music of the Kevin McCoy Band! In this episode the interview takes place at JD legends in Franklin, Ohio before two members of the band, Kevin and Lee take the stage in an “Unplugged” show.

The Kevin McCoy Band had a blow-out year after the early 2017 summer release of their début album “Redneck-N-Roll. Their album gained national attention and landed a nomination for Independent Artist “Group of the Year” in the 2017 Josie Awards hosted in Nashville, Tennessee. The KMB was also featured in Cincinnati’s music authority, CityBeat Magazine. Other feature articles include the Pinefield Farm Studio & Gallery publication as well as Fair Play Country Music Magazine. Redneck-N-Roll is available on our website as well as iTunes, Spotify, BandCamp, or anywhere else you buy your music.

Following a busy & accomplished year, the KMB is cocked, locked and ready to rock the 2018 season. Following their debut album release, the KMB played the road and plugged in year-round.  Now, with the busy outdoor venue season in sight, the Kevin McCoy band is poised for a high-octane summer.

Complete with an A-list talent roster and a repertoire that screams for something wild and out of control, the Kevin McCoy Band is excited to play some new venues and for the chance to bring a taste of Cincinnati’s own KMB to the rest of the country.

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Peace, Love and Harmony with “High South” on Backstage Hall Pass

It’s All About Peace, Love, and Harmony in this episode of “Backstage Hall Pass”. Join your host Scott Hall as he has some dialogue with Kevin, Jamey and Phoenix from High South!

The media world was captivated by the emotional debut album “Now” by American musicians, High South. Their sound is evocative of sunshine, freedom and the southern United States, and certainly reminiscent of their heroes – harmony vocal groups like THE EAGLES, THE BYRDS and CROSBY, STILLS, NASH AND YOUNG. The magic that lies within this musical decade and in the timeless songs that were never crushed by fads or trends and HIGH SOUTH seems to be exactly the band that will deliver the spirit of this music in the future…

Shortly after the release of the band’s first CD in Summer 2013, High South charted Top 10 in several countries in Europe. Directly on the heels of countless live shows, including radio and television performances in Europe and the very successful debut CD, these creative musicians and songwriters started writing and recording their second album, which has the same name as the band itself – HIGH SOUTH. “We wanted an album title with a statement”, says Jamey Garner, “because we feel like we’ve discovered our voice both as artists and as a band.”

The band’s very personal follow-up CD, which was recorded almost entirely in a “live studio situation” was co-produced by band Manager, Christian Knoll – who has remained a constant and influential part of the High South story from the very beginning – and legendary Nashville Engineer/Producer and Grammy Award winner Chuck Ainlay.

High South has most recently joined forces with Nashville producer songwriter and guitar legend, Josh
Leo. Together they are finishing their third Studio CD in Nashville Tennessee.

High South band mates – Kevin Campos, Jamey Garner and Phoenix Mendoza – three gifted “lead singer-songwriters” delivering one undeniable voice. In this episode of Backstage Hall Pass we explore the bands influences, history, tour dates, songwriting and musical memories!

“Their harmonies are so perfect and I smile as it takes me back to the first time I heard CROSBY, STILLS, NASH, AND YOUNG…” – Kim Carnes, Music Artist.

Behind the Music of “Shadowlife” Backstage Hall Pass

Backstage Hall Pass takes you to JD Legends and behind the music of Shadowlife in an audio podcast version of a video interview we recorded at the “PinktOberfest” event.  The group is a Dayton, Ohio based rock band that takes pride in playing a diverse mix of music genres to include: classic rock, ’80’s & ’90’s rock, modern rock, dance music, funk music, ’80’s hair bands, southern rock, country, hip hop, grunge, metal and anything in between. Comprised of seasoned veteran musicians; individual members have previously opened for national acts such as: Foghat, Molly Hatchet, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, Robin Trower, Vanilla Ice, Rare Earth, Steppenwolf, and Head East to name a few.

In this episode join your “Backstage” Host, Scott Hall as he talks to Larry and Geoff from the band about their roots, music and fans! “Shadowlife knows and has what it takes to deliver a quality and energy filled performance in any size venue and they are guaranteed to provide a party atmosphere and song list that keeps the girls dancing and the guys rocking all night long.”

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