How To Hire The Right Fishing Guide – Hall’Em In Fishin’

Ever think about taking the trip of a lifetime with a professional fishing guide service? Well in today’s episode Captain Scott Hall is joined by Co-Host Captain Alex Dolinski of Spot on Charters for an informative 30 minutes of questions and answers about making the right choices when it comes to selecting a quality fishing guide.  They will provide you a list of questions you should ask and documents you should see prior to booking that trip on the water. So if you want to know about Coast Guard Certified, Licensed Charter Captain, Insured and Bonded, “Cast For” and many other buzz terms mean in the fishing charter business you have come to the right place.

Take a listen to this informative and educational journey brought to you by our Hall’Em In Fishin’ Team before you even make that first phone call or internet inquiry about a fishing charter.


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