“Backstage Hall Pass” talks with country music artist, Chris Kemp!

In this episode of “Backstage Hall Pass” we introduce you to Nashville Recording Artist, Chris Kemp. Show host Scott Hall and Chris discuss his musical journey, influences, fans and tour info. Chris is an outstanding ‘live” performer with an ever growing fan base due to his energetic ability to interact with his audience. His musical storytelling, family values and pride in his country are a recipe for success!  Chris is currently touring across the Midwest before he returns to his home region playing in a variety of establishments across the Fort Myers Beach, Florida area. We were fortunate enough to catch up with Chris on the road for this fun look into his life, thoughts and music style.  Tune in and listen to Chris Kemp tell his story and enjoy some of his original music as we talk one on one with this rising country music artist! You can find out more about Chris Kemp on his social media @chriskempcountry and listen to his music on iTunes.

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Everyone enjoys getting out on the town for some live music and there is nothing like going back stage and down the hall for a pass to the inside information and interviews with the bands, singers and songwriters that you enjoy! Welcome to Hall Around Town Radio’s “Backstage Hall Pass” A showcase of music made in the region. Mixing independent music with personal interviews and behind the scenes info, Backstage Hall Pass is your front-row center seat for diverse music from the local scene and the areas most talented artists. Whether the style is rock, blues, folk, country or R&B, Backstage Hall Pass delivers you outstanding entertainment.

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