Month: July 2018

“Backstage Hall Pass” features “The Menu’s” a party tradition for 30 years!

Join your “Backstage Hall Pass” host Scott Hall from Hall Around Town Radio as he chats with Tim and Johnathan from the iconic Cincinnati based band “The Menus” prior to their spring show at JD Legends.  In an energetic back and forth with their fans, the Menus bring the flair, the tunes and the comedy, while the audience gives thanks with shattering cheers, arms in the air and swaying hips. The epic relationship between artist and audience member can be witnessed every time The Menus take the stage. As an added bonus the Menus will perform at JD Legends again on July 26th for “Thursday Night Live”…. Bring on the wild costumes and crazy antics…….the Menu’s always guarantee to please! Check out this backstage “behind the music” look into the bands history and insights….

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