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Behind the Music of “Shadowlife” Backstage Hall Pass

Backstage Hall Pass takes you to JD Legends and behind the music of Shadowlife in an audio podcast version of a video interview we recorded at the “PinktOberfest” event.  The group is a Dayton, Ohio based rock band that takes pride in playing a diverse mix of music genres to include: classic rock, ’80’s & ’90’s rock, modern rock, dance music, funk music, ’80’s hair bands, southern rock, country, hip hop, grunge, metal and anything in between. Comprised of seasoned veteran musicians; individual members have previously opened for national acts such as: Foghat, Molly Hatchet, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, Robin Trower, Vanilla Ice, Rare Earth, Steppenwolf, and Head East to name a few.

In this episode join your “Backstage” Host, Scott Hall as he talks to Larry and Geoff from the band about their roots, music and fans! “Shadowlife knows and has what it takes to deliver a quality and energy filled performance in any size venue and they are guaranteed to provide a party atmosphere and song list that keeps the girls dancing and the guys rocking all night long.”

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Backstage Hall Pass goes behind the music with Jarrod Ray Stratton

Jarrod Ray Stratton is from a small river town in Kentucky called Tyrone. It is there where he says that he fell in love with Jesus, music, sports, his first girlfriend, and a honky tonk lifestyle. Jarrod started off playing music in the church, but his rebellious ways conflicted with that. There was something about the bar rooms that intrigued him, mainly the ladies, booze, and the sounds of the music. He often says that this life helped him stay sane when I thought he was crazy. Jarrod has been playing in the bars and clubs of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio for about seven yrs now. He hopes to shine light on them as well through his raw brand of music. When you visit a Jarrod Stratton gig you can feel the emotion as he plays a wide variety of feel good music!

In this episode we take you behind the music with Jarrod in an interview at JD Legends prior to him playing the pre-party for the sold out Aaron Lewis show. Join “Backstage Hall Pass” host Scott Hall as he talks with this up and coming country artist. Don’t forget to hit that “Like” button on our Facebook Page and follow us on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter!  There are button links on our home page (just click HERE). Subscribe to all of our programming and social media by clicking on our HOME page @hallaroundtownradio.com

Florida Fishing Report – November 28, 2017 Hall’Em In Fishin’

Hall’Em In Fishin’ brings you our bi-weekly “Florida Fishing Report”… Sponsored in part by C&B Custom Jigs… featuring our team of Fishing Captains and Contributors from all over the Sunshine State including Captains: Jack Carlson, Alex Dolinski, Neil Eisner and Andrew Stansell.

Our professional guides will share their tips about bait, tackle and what species are “eating” in their region. Join Hall’Em In Fishin’ Host, Captain Scott Hall, as he takes you across the State of Florida for some exciting fishing talk and tricks of the trade brought to you by C&B Custom Jigs!  NEW AFFILIATE DISCOUNT(Just for our listeners you can click HERE for a link to receive a 10% discount on your order from their web site)

In this episode host Captain Scott will talk everything from Snapper to Sea Trout, fishing tricks and tackle, along with the target species of the month taking you across the state for some fishing reports, tips and advice from out team of Captains! Wahoo, Sea Trout, Redfish, Triple Tail, Flounder, Snook, and Snapper are also on the line this week as our guides provide you with insider info on bait, tackle and time of day to get that catch of a lifetime! In our “Two Minutes on Maintenance”, Captain Alex discusses 3 great products to use during routine maintenance and as an added bonus we discuss our sponsor C&B Custom Jigs with Captain Neil Eisner!

Tune in and enjoy this exciting new episode and as always don’t forget to subscribe to our variety of shows by clicking the links on our home page, like us on Facebook @hallaroundtownradio and follow us on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter @hallaroundtownradio. (there are clickable links on our home page also) See you on the water!!

Behind the music with Dan Alley on “Backstage Hall Pass”

In this episode of Backstage Hall Pass we take you behind the music at JD Legends in Franklin, Ohio. The show features the audio podcast of a “Live” Video Interview with Dan Alley prior to his opening for Country Music Recording Artists, Midland.

Dan Alley is know as a “Good ole boy pickin’&grinnin’ North of the Mason-Dixon” with a southern point of view out of Miamisburg, Ohio. You can catch his brand of “old school” country music with a big Bluegrass influence all over the Dayton, Cincinnati market Dan most recently traveled to Nashville where he had the opportunity to take the stage at Tootsies World Famous Orchid Lounge. Dan always entertains the crowd and has a very wide age appeal judging by his following. Thanks for listening to the “Backstage” story of this rising country music artist!

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